Al’s maintenance tips

20 July 2017

We want to ensure your wagon never lets you down. So Al, our Buckton service technician, has put together these six maintenance tips to help you keep your machine in tip-top shape.


Als Advice


Remember if you’re working on or inside your wagon, ensure the hydraulics are disengaged from the tractor.

  1. Clear old feed build-up away from shafts and grease points. Grease nipples can be found as follows:

    Grease Nipple Location Chart
  2. When you’re greasing, ensure the grease has gone into the moving parts - not just around the grease nipples.
  3. Check the floor chain adjustment and adjust if necessary, so the chain has about 100mm clearance from the centre of the internal floor.
  4. Elevator chains will need to be checked. There should be 40/50mm slack in the centre of the elevator.
  5. Make sure all adjuster lock nuts are tight after adjustments have been made.
  6. Always visually inspect mounting bolts and brackets when carrying out maintenance.


For a wagon service, please call your local dealer.  For technical service support call Alan Curreen on 027 284 8459.