Customer Feedback

17 January 2014

After talking with many-a-close contracting mate and knowing what other leading contractors own, Andre Syben of AG Technology in Cambridge spent a full day checking out every available tip trailer at the 2013 National Fieldays. He returned a second day and made the decision to invest in a Buckton 8 Tonne hydraulic tip trailer.

Andre says that what impressed him most was the build quality and strength of the Buckton because he needed a tough workhorse to handle the various jobs in a typical Kiwi farmer’s day.


In the 6 months he’s owned the trailer he thinks it would have carted close to 2000 silage bales, 10 at a time, and uncounted loads of rotten rock to the point it was falling off from overloading.

“It’s never once let me down” (with the rock being towed behind a 250hp tractor!).

“I didn’t like the narrow wheel base and narrow deck of other trailers, and I also wanted to support local industry.”

Andre went on to say the downside of buying an imported trailer was too great if something was to go wrong.

 “Support and backup goes a long way when you are relying on the one machine.”