Meet our newest Buckton dealer

20 July 2017

Name: John
Dealership: Farmline
Where: Te Awamutu, New Zealand
Industry experience: Has been in the agricultural machinery industry for around 30 years.

Experience with Buckton:

We have been Buckton dealers for just over 12 months and have really enjoyed our relationship with the brand to date.

“From the Buckton product range, the silage wagons are a big part of our business. We sell old and used parts and offer servicing. We’ve also had a strong interest in tip trailers and follow-up sales, with us selling twice as many this year compared to the previous year. The tip trailer’s size for dollar value, in addition to the chassis strength, is very impressive. Farmers have taken notice of this fact.

I think for me personally, the excellent contact and help from Paul Gleeson, the Sales Manager for Buckton, has been a huge contributing factor to our great sales figures in wagons, trailers, 3-point bale feeders, slurry and muck spreaders. John in parts and Alan’s technical support in setting up wagons has also been very helpful. We all know you can’t sell machines without back-up. All in all, we are really pleased we acquired the Buckton brand.”