Bale Feeder

Bale Feeder

Bale Feeder

Deal to your livestock feeding with our strong, no-nonsense feeder.


  • Strong RHS headstock carries the weight and protects  the cradle
  • Tines - one is 100mm longer than the other making it easy to line up for reconnecting
  • Lower link points are close to machine – perfect for small and lower HP tractors.
  • Locking pin & rope on right is easier to release than when on left
  • Fully enclosed floor eliminates feed wastage
  • Tapered teeth on bars gives an aggressive feeding action and releases feed easily
  • Bars are off-set for consistent feed pattern
  • Bars are bolted on - ease of removal if damaged
  • Low maintenance – 4 grease points, tension & oil chains
  • Optional Square Bale Frame


  • Tines made of 4340 high-tensile steel – twice as strong as mild steel
  • Tines are bolted in, not welded – easy to replace if required – not an engineering job.
  • Bush in centre of tine tube to support tines
  • Positive locking pin – close to motor & coupling for positive drive
  • Cast steel drive coupling – large contact area – better than pin system
  • Full front panel – feed does not get caught in headstock
  • 7500lb galvanised solid pin roller chain
  • Strong 6mm folded steel bars – zinc plated
  • 10 bars per machine – allows bale to drop between bars – better tearing action, more aggressive on hard centre bales
  • Wide feet – better stability
  • Cast bearings – long lasting – no ball race bearings or nylon bushes
  • Fully enclosed shafts – feed doesn’t wrap around unprotected shafts
  • Chain adjusters – keeps chains at optimum tension


Model Length Height Width Weight
3-Point Linkage 1.76m 1.16m 2.20 525Kg


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