Muck Spreaders

Muck Spreaders

Muck Spreaders

Don't muck around, get it done & dusted with our Spreader. Available in four sizes with recessed floors. It's a great combo of Kiwi engineering & European technology.


  • 4 models (9, 12, 15 and 20 cubic metre capacity)
  • Hydraulic rear gate
  • Clear front panel for checking load
  • Over-run clutch for machine safety
  • Optional hydraulic jack on smaller sizes
  • Rear discharging augers for a more accurate displacement of effluent




  • Recessed floors for chain and sprocket protection and efficient bin emptying
  • Pressure relief on floor drive
  • Balanced rear auger / spinner assembly
  • Clear view panel in front of bin
  • Brakes are standard
  • PTO shaft shear bolt and over-run clutch protection
  • Low maintenance gearbox drive
  • Available in three sizes.
  • Able to handle sloppy effluent
  • Sand-blasted and 2 pot paint
  • Tyre size options available


Model Overall Length Overall Width Overall Height Capacity Bin Length Bin Width Bin Height PTO Speed Brakes Tyre Size Jack
9MS 7.50m 2.80m 2.80m 9m³ 4.46m 1.71m 1.29m 1000 rpm Standard (front axles) 400/70R22.5 Mechanical
12MS 7.50m 2.60m 3.00m 12m³ 4.46m 2.00m 1.29m 1000 rpm Standard (front axles) 400/70R22.5 Mechanical
15MS 8.20m 2.60m 3.05m 15m³ 5.30m 2.00m 1.40m 1000 rpm Standard (front axles) 500/60x22.5 Mechanical
20MS 8.80m 2.50m 3.30m 20m³ 5.70m 2.10m 1.54m 1000 rpm Standard (front axles) 550/60x22.5 Hydraulic



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