Our Mulcher makes short work of tall grass, deals to vines, cuttings, rushes, gorse and more. Its hardworking gearbox delivers a clean cut, before mulching the grass. Nutrients return to the soil, and you can get back to work.


  • An 8” rear roller to eliminate wrap and scalping
  • Adjustable rear flap to easily adapt from grass to vines to branches
  • Hard wearing solid hammer flails
  • 20mm high tensile flail bolts
  • Hydraulic offset – standard
  • Robust body
  • Protected main bearing
  • High capacity four-belt drive to transfer power from the gearbox to the rotor system reliably.


Model Overall Width Cut Width Minimum Offset Maximum Offset Body Thickness Front Mounted
1.5MK 1.78m 1.476m 740mm 1250mm 6 & 8mm Optional
1.8MK 2.14m 1.815m 1085mm 1595mm 6 & 8mm Optional
2.1MK 2.37m 2.07m 1315mm 1825mm 6 & 8mm Optional
2.4MK 2.60m 2.285m 1545mm 2055mm 6 & 8mm Optional


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