Pond Stirrers

Pond Stirrers

Pond Stirrers

Keep the Pond moving with our stirrers. The key is their Propellors: they’re quadruple-sealed, removable, and tangle resistant. The Pond will keep trucking, and you won’t have to stop.


  • Strong Rib for Strength
  • Quick latch for lifting axle or wheels


  • 6m or 8m length option

  •  Quadrupled seals at propeller

  •  Propeller support bearing – greaseable
  •  Removable propeller end bearing and seals

  •  Greaseable centre shaft

  •  Tapered propeller shaft for simple propeller removal

  •  Negative angle leading edge on propeller for reduced weed tangle


Model Length
6M 6.0m
8M 8.0m

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