Rotary Spreader

Rotary Spreader

Rotary Spreader

Uniquely capable of handling liquid and solid manure, or even drain cleanings, our Rotary Spreader comes in two sizes.

This is a sealed machine so there are no leaks during transport. Easy to load and cover during spreading with a hydraulic lid, the rotor and heavy duty chain and flail system will make short work of spreading everything.

Prior to painting with a durable two pack paint, all spreaders are garnet-blasted and primed to ensure a strong bond with the paintwork, so that the quality of your spreader is maintained for years to come.



  • Easy to use
  • Heavy duty build, 6mm tub body 
  • Strong integrated chassis
  • Sealed lower unit (avoid road leakage) with a drainage valve
  • Hydraulic opening lid
  • Wide angle PTO shaft
  • A variety of single and tandem wheel options
  • Swivel tow coupling
  • Heavy duty triplex chain drive
  • Heavy duty 13mm flail chains
  • Works on tractors from 80hp to 130hp


  • Hydraulic front brakes
  • LED lights


Model Capacity Liquid Capacity Body Length Overall Length Barrel Diameter Overall Width Overall Height Wheels on Single Wheels on Tandem
MM400 4m3 3000 litre 3000mm 4750mm 1.32m 2000mm 1950mm 400/60 x 15.5 10.0/75 x 15.3

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