Silage Wagons

Silage Wagons

Silage Wagons

Our feed out wagon will keep you right on top of your herd’s nutrition. Precise feed distribution will keep them healthy and strong. As they grow, you will too.


  • 9 models (8.3 - 20 cubic metre capacity)
  • Operated by a single person
  • Patented hydraulic system allows for even feed distribution & eliminates blockages.
  • 'Load weigh' system for control & monitoring of feed distribution. Optional radio remote readout to tractor. Centre or side feedout option.






  • Sealed European low-maintenance gearbox drives
  • Pressed Steel chassis, for torsional strength & flexibility. Single or tandem axle option. Tandem, oscillating, walking beam axle = smoother ride on rough ground.
  • Corrosion proof hardwood floor & stainless sides
  • Flotation tyres for soft or wet ground
  • Bin floor & elevator shredder empty easily
  • Fine mesh rear door, adjustable side conveyor, C-section torsional chassis, heavy duty parking jack, swivelling eye tow hitch, auto load sensing floor & elevator, heavy duty side feed belt.


Model Length Height Width Capacity Tyre Size Axle Weight Bin Size
SD83 - Side Feed 5.97m 2.70m 2.60m 8.3m³ 11.5/80x15.3 Tandem/Single 1890kg 3.2x1.22x2.14
SD100 - Side Feed 6.55m 2.70m 2.60m 10m³ 11.5/80x15.3 Tandem 1945kg 3.82x1.22x2.14
SD130 - Side Feed 7.77m 2.70m 2.60m 13m³ 12.5/80x15.3 Tandem 2320kg 5.20x1.22x2.14
SD160 - Side Feed 7.77m 2.95m 2.80m 16m³ 400/60x15.5 Tandem 2670kg 5.20x1.49x2.14
SD200 - Side Feed 9.09m 2.95m 2.95m 20m³ 16.0/70x20 Tandem 3800kg 6.42x1.49x2.14
CF83 - Centre Feed 5.97m 2.45m 2.60m 8.3m³ 11.5/80x15.3 Tandem/single 1480kg 3.2x1.22x1.4
CF100 - Centre Feed 6.55m 2.45m 2.60m 10m³ 11.5/80x15.3 Tandem 1775kg 3.82x1.22x2.14
CF130 - Centre Feed 7.77m 2.45m 2.60m 13m³ 12.5/80x15.3 Tandem 2070kg 5.20x1.22x2.14
CF160 - Centre Feed 7.77m 2.45m 2.80m 16m³ 400/60x15.5 Tandem 2500kg 5.20x1.49x2.14


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