Slurry Spreaders

Slurry Spreaders

Slurry Spreaders

Farming’s hard work, with the help of our Spreader you won’t waste a drop of sweat or slurry. Our spreaders will return nutrients to the field, fast.


  • 5 models (5000 - 15000 litre capacity) & custom sizes available
  • Fitted with Battioni & Pagani pumps
  • High rotor speed
  • Auto force feed lubrication
  • 2 x 4m 150mm Hoses and 1 x Steel Probe – Standard




  • Quality sheet steel construction, with internal baffle
  • One piece, heavy duty axle
  • Hydraulic outlet valve
  • Wheel / tyre options to suit conditions
  • Heavy duty, high quality vacuum pump
  • High capacity trap with drain
  • 2 ball valves for full pump protection
  • Choice of adjustable spreader plate
  • Side & rear inlets, & additional 'side fill' option
  • Cleaning manhole
  • Two sight glasses


Model Overall Length Overall Height Overall Width Baffles Tyre Size Axle Pump Capacity (l/min) Pump Lubrication Hose Size (mm)
SL5000 5.13m 2.55m 2.40m 1 400/60x15.5 Single 6500 Automatic 150
SL7500 6.90m 2.70m 2.50m 1 400/60x15.5 Tandem 8000 Automatic 150
SL10000 7.04m 2.78m 2.50m 1 400R22.5 Tandem 12000 Automatic 150
SL12000 6.84m 2.80m 2.50m 1 400R22.5 Tandem 12000 Automatic 150
SL15000 7.84m 2.80m 2.50m 1 400R22.5 Tandem 12000 Automatic 150



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